Sophie – Long Beach, CA

“This is Sophie, our 15-year-old toy poodle. Vet-CBD saved her life.

Sophie had cataract surgery in October. Three weeks later, an injury to one of her eyes prompted her specialist to prescribe Prednisone, which caused a constellation of problems for poor Sophie.

First, she developed a painful bleeding ulcer. Then she suffered from pancreatitis—a problem that went on for months. She would respond to the pancreatitis medication quickly and would get better. But as soon as she stopped taking the medicine, the pancreatitis would come roaring back. Then came kidney failure. Sophie’s blood work indicated that all of her kidney levels—including creatinine and BUN—were sky-high. Our vet told me there was no “silver bullet” for renal failure—it could not be cured. All we could do, he said, was prolong her life through the proper diet. The problem was Sophie had been sick for so long that she was nauseated much of the time, and her appetite was weak. (We had to hand-feed her to get her to eat, and if she ate something one day, she’d refuse it the next.) Even worse, the vet called the prescription food she’d need to treat the problem “unpalatable.” We didn’t think she’d eat it. We thought it was the end of the line for Sophie.

I had online read that fish oil was good for dogs with renal failure, and the vet agreed it would be good for Sophie. So we went to the pet store in search of some. I told the woman who helped us what we were dealing with, and she suggested cannabis oil. Long story, short, we got some Vet-CBD. The results have been miraculous.

After only one day of giving Sophie Vet-CBD twice daily, her appetite increased. She not only ate her “unpalatable” prescription food, she wolfed it down! We immediately discontinued using the appetite-stimulant and anti-nausea medications she’d been taking, because the Vet-CBD was working so well. She’s eaten her special food at least twice daily for a month now, with gusto.

A few days ago, our vet ran new blood work on Sophie and performed a urinalysis. # The Best CBD Tinctures by Just CBD StoreAll but one of her kidney levels was NORMAL. orange berry blast 300mg And the one that was “slightly elevated” was the same as it had been before the cataract surgery. The vet said Sophie’s improvement was remarkable, even “weird,” and told us not to change anything we were doing.

Thank you for giving us our beloved dog back. And keep doing what you’re doing.”

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